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2017 what changes will affect the aluminum alloy doors and windows to join?

Date:2017-04-11 09:34:58 From: Browse times:
        2017 is a new year, but also aluminum alloy doors and windows industry continued to reshuffle the year. Experts predict that this year's property market dynamics, environmental policy, electricity supplier development. Continue stirring all aspects of cross-border spoiler etc., will make Aluminum Alloy around doors and windows industry. So you want to join the import and export of aluminum windows and doors dealers, it is necessary to pay attention to the. 
        cool the property market
        It is understood that since last September, the country's more than and 20 hot cities intensive introduction of regulatory measures, part of the three or four cities have joined the ranks of regulation. In the case of regulatory policy continued, prices difficult to upgrade, and now buyers wait-and-see mood is getting stronger, which indicates that the real estate market in 2017 will bid farewell to the crazy senses.
Overall, the property market cooling, the performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows business is bound to cause some pressure, but also an opportunity. Strong dealers will be able to take this as an opportunity to compete with competitors.
        Environmental forced
        Affected by the storm of environmental protection in 2016, 2017 Aluminum Alloy doors and windows industry will once again started "environmental protection sortie", specifically, the introduction, from raw material production to enter the market, Aluminum Alloy doors and windows products related to the sustainable development of the ecological environment, a more direct impact on the consumer's home safety, the concept of environmental protection is prevalent today. Green, environmentally friendly products more recognized by the.
O2O electricity supplier model
        Needless to say, the feasibility of building materials electricity supplier has been verified. In the industry's big coffee brands are in the layout of the electricity supplier channels. But to really strong, still need to solve the experience, logistics, installation and many other issues. And the elegance of the doors and windows official website since last July on the line, a variety of unique services through the 3D display, VR experience, online quotes to create the perfect user experience, and ultimately to the local store delivery intention of customers, through online and offline channels, complete experience - the transaction closed loop, obtained delectable result.
        In a word, at any time, environmental factors have been affected to Aluminum Alloy doors and windows industry, on the sidelines of the franchisees need to seize the opportunity to find the right to join the brand, is the first step to success.


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